Approval Plan: YBP

An approval plan is a method of acquiring library resources, primarily books in print and electronic formats. TAMU Libraries’ current approval plan vendor, YBP, supplies books based on a profile from the library. The current plan is an e-preferred approval plan which supplies the e-book version of a book matching the libraries’ profile if that version is available. If not, the print version is supplied. New e-books which match the profile are available through the YBP online website (GOBI3) for review by the subject selectors. The profiles (one for Evans/West and one for the Medical Science Library) are managed by subject selectors according to the LC classification in their collection development policies. The approval plan includes notification of available books via an electronic email system in addition to books that are automatically shipped, fully shelf-ready, when they match profile specifications. The approval plan is set up to automatically receive new publications from major publishers and most university presses.  Bibliographic records for the books are supplied by OCLC through a PromptCat program which matches the shipments from YBP with bibliographic records in the OCLC database.  These records are loaded into the library catalog. Bibliographic records for e-books from Ebrary are loaded into the catalog upon notification from YBP and e-books from other e-book suppliers are cataloged by the Cataloging Department individually. The approval plan is managed by the Monograph Acquisitions Unit in Collection Development Operations & Acquisitions Services.

Subject selectors can edit profiles throughout the year but selectors notify the Head of Collection Development Operations & Acquisitions Services when changes are requested. Selectors can discuss any problems or concerns related to the profile with the Coordinator of Monograph & Automated Acquisitions or the Head of Collection Development Operations & Acquisitions Services. Typically the YBP representative visits once a year to review current subject profiles and to provide training.