Tobin Global Planner: International Datasets

Tobin Global Planner: International Datasets

Map and GIS Library has created the Tobin Global Planner web mapping service to make this collection available to TAMU members on a 24/7 basis and from anywhere in the World where our researchers are conducting field or collaborative work. Users are able to navigate the interactive map and select areas of interest to download topographic maps or vector data. 

The Map and GIS Library is among only a handful of academic libraries to have purchased Tobin's Global Planner data set.  The datasets include detailed topographic maps and vector data covering the populated land areas of the world. Over 3,000 1:500,000 Russian topographic maps were scanned and geo-referenced to WGS84 projection. The original datum and projection for the hardcopy topographic maps are the Krasovksy Ellipsoid, the Pulkovo 1942 Datum, and the Gauss-Kruger Projection. These maps provide detailed elevation, culture, population, and geodetic information about the surface of the land, the shorelines, and near shore bathymetry. Text annotations on the maps are in Cyrillic while elevations, contours, water depths, etc. are in metric units. Tobin provides a document showing a picture of each symbol found on the maps with a brief explanation of what the symbol represents. To offer additional information to support the topographic maps, the 1:1,000,000 the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) 2000 Digital Chart of the World (DCW) vector data set has been included with the Tobin Global Planner. The DCW data layers for the Tobin Topo World Collection include elevation, ocean depths, and political boundaries.


Tobin's Global Planner data set is a licensed product.  Distribution of this data is restricted to Texas A&M University students, faculty, researchers, and staff only. After NetID authentication, Texas A&M members are permitted to download the data, which cannot be shared with any other individual or organization. The data is supplemented for educational purposes, and can only be used under the limitations of Fair Use.

It is important to reference the Tobin data as “TOBIN Global Planner” if it is used and analyzed in your research.  If research is published using Tobin data as a source, the provider (P2 Energy Solutions) requested that the author notify and send a copy to them.


This mapping service is intended to simplify the data delivery process; the displayed data offers a general abstraction of geographic form and location of regions. Validity and accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and data analysis, navigation or calculations should not be based on this viewer.

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Tobin Global Planner

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Tobin Topos

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The Tobin Global Planner mapping service offers data broken down into eleven areas of the world:

  • Africa
  • East Russia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Central Asia
  • North America
  • Northeast Asia
  • Oceania
  • Russia Bering Sea Area
  • South East Asia
  • Australia
For each of these areas the following data is offered: Hydrology, Industry, Physical, Population, Transportation, Utilities and Vegetation. Data can be downloaded for each section of the world. For easy access, the topographic maps are also available in this web mapping service.
The Tobin Topos mapping service allows users to download topographic maps for the entire world. Additionally, data in the collection includes elevation points, contour lines, ocean depths, and state and country boundaries. Topographic maps are available to download individually whereas these other datasets can be downloaded for the entire world.

Map & GIS Library would like to acknowledge the contributions to the Tobin Topo World Collection:

  • Texas A&M University Libraries, Map & GIS Library; Kathy Weimer, Miriam Olivares, Hyekyung Lee, Aayush Kumar and Naga Raghuveer Modala.
  • Texas A&M University Libraries, Digital Initiatives; Sean Buchanan and Doug Hahn


Tobin Global Planner,

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