Deva E. Reddy

Associate Professor 


Deva Eswara Reddy, a graduate of Wayne State University, received his Ph.D. in Library Science in 1983 from Karnataka University, India. He joined Texas A&M University  in 2001 as an Assistant Professor of Library Science. Prior to this, he served for over 20 years as the University Librarian of Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, India.  Dr. Reddy liaisons with the departments of agricultural education, agricultural economics,and biological & agricultural engineering, and offers bibliographic instruction to the students of these departments.  His research interests include globalization of agricultural science and education, agricultural information transfer systems, and open access to scholarly communication. An active member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Dr. Reddy was elected in 2011 as the Chair of the Science and Technology Libraries Section. He initiated the IFLA Agricultural Libraries Special Interest Group in 2005 and founded IFLA Agriclural Libraries Section. He served as the onvenr of interest group on socil  issues and  rural information of  the U.S. Agricultural Information Network (USAIN). In 1987, Dr. Reddy was awarded a Fulbright Senior Fellowship for postdoctoral research in library science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1982, a Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship for training in biological and agricultural information services at Oxford, U.K., and faculty development leave by Texas A&M University in spring 2009 and 2015. Dr. Reddy has authored/edited three books. 

Professional Responsibilities

  • Subject Specialist and Liaison for Agricultural Economics

  • Subject Specialist and Liaison for Agricultural Education

  • Subject Specialist and Liaison for Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Subject Specialist and Liaison for International Agriculture

Ph.D., Library Science, Karnataka University
M.L.I.S., Wayne State University
M.L.I.S., DRTC, Indian statistical Institute
M.A., Public Administration, Nagpur University
B.A., Economics, Sri Venkateswara University
Graduate Diploma in Library Science, Nagpur University 
Graduate Courses in Archival Administration, Wayne State University
Fulbright Scholar (post doctoral research), University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wi.

Research Interests
Agricultural information  services
Open access to scholarly publications
Globalization of agricultural education and extension 


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Book Chapters

Reddy, D.B.Eswara. "Impact of globalization on small farmers worldwide: Implications on information transfer." In: Globalization:Sectoral impacts and country experiences, Ed: Ansusri Mallik.Hyderabad:Icfai University Press.(2009): 13-21.
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Selected Papers

Education for Agriculture and Allied Subjects in India. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information, 10: (2009).319–333.

Wan, Gang, Dennis Clark, John Fullerton, Gail Macmillan, Deva E. Reddy, Jane Stephens, and Daniel Xiao. "Key issues surrounding virtual chat reference model: A case study." Reference Services Review 37.1 (2009): 73-82.

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American Library Association (ALA)
Fulbright Association
International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD)
International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN)

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