Pauline Melgoza

Science & Engineering Librarian

  • Subject Specialist for Construction Science
  • Subject Specialist for Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Subject Specialist for Engineering Standards
  • Subject Specialist for Visualization 


MS University of North Texas - Library Science
MS Texas A&M University - Educational Human Resource Development
BS Texas A&M University - Horticulture


  • American Library Association
  • American Society of Engineering Educators
  • ACM - Siggraph

Selected Papers

  • Hankins, Rebecca, Pauline Melgoza, Christina Seeger, and Gary Wan.  Meeting Our Faculty Where They Conference:  A Texas A&M Model to Support Librarian Attendance at Subject Specific Conferences."  Public Services Quarterly, 5:2, (2009).
  • Melgoza, Pauline and Gary Wan. "Evaluating ENGnetBASE, an Engineering E-book Database." Scienc & Technology Libraries, 28:4 (2008).
  • Stephens, Jane., Melgoza, Pauline and Gary Wan. "Safari Books Online: currency, usage and book release policies of an e-book database." Collection Building, 27:1 (2008).
  • Melgoza, Pauline and Jane Smith. "Revitalizing an Existing Honor Code Program." Innovative Higher Education, 32:4 (2008).
  • Melgoza, Pauline. "A Study of ILI Standards Database Cost Savings at Texas A&M University." Proceedings of the 2002 American Society of Engineering Educator Annual Conference and Exposition, Montreal, Quebec, Canada June 16-19, 2002, p. 9445-9451.
  • Melgoza, Pauline, Suzanne Gyeszly, and Pamela Mennel. "Information Overload." Collection Building, 21:1 (2002).
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