Professional Presentations

NIS0 Forum 2011 - Mobile library needs
Summary of 2010 survey results on which library services should be available via a mobile interface.
ELUNA 2010 - User testing of an SFX Menu Redesign
Discusses the results of user testing of SFX's citation search, redesigned menus, and Ex Libris' new bX service.
ELUNA 2008 - Studying SFX Logs to Better Understand User Behavior
How-to and results of a study of 3 years of SFX logs to see what users do when presented with an SFX menu.
ELUNA 2008 - Summary statistics to accompany presentation
EndUser 2007 - Crunching Numbers
How-to and results of studying OPAC search logs to see what searches people use, which succeed and fail, and what can be done to help them.
Internet Librarian 2007 - Website Redesign: User Testing and Web 2.0
This presentation looks at a work-in-progress, the redesign of the Libraries' website. We discuss what we've learned so far, what has worked, what hasn't, and what will be the next steps in the process. We also report on which Web 2.0 tools users have suggested we incorporate on the site, and those that they weren't interested in. Finally, we compare results from traditional methods with what we have learned from these conversations with our users.
SCVUGM 2007 - Crunching Numbers (updated)
Updated version of EndUser presentation which includes more data.
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