Candace Benefiel

Professional Responsibilities

Humanities Librarian

  • Subject Specialist Literature
  • Subject Specialist Classics
  • Subject Specialist Art and Architecture


American Library Association


Coursework towards PhD. in English, Texas A&M University, 2000-.   

M.A., West Texas State University, 1989.   Major:  English.  Thesis:  "The Decline and Fall  of the Paragon Motel:  A Trilogy of OneAct Plays."

M.L.I.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1981.  Major:  Library Science

B.A., Rice University, 1979.  Major: Classics

 Research Interests

Vampires in literature. Pulp fiction magazines of the 1930's.  Also, the librarian stereotype, and public services generally.

Selected Papers

  • Arant Kaspar, Wendi and Candace R. Benefiel.  Drive-By BI: Tailored In-Class Mini-Instruction Sessions for Graduate and Upper-Level Undergraduate Courses. Reference Services Review, 36.1 (2008): 39-47.

  • Benefiel, Candace.  "From Lord Ruthven to Mick St. John:  200 Years of Vampires.", June 5, 2008.

  • Benefiel, Candace R. Blood Relations:  The Gothic Perversion of the Nuclear Family in Anne Rices Interview with the Vampire. The Journal of Popular Culture.  38.2 (2004): 261-273.

  • Benefiel, Candace R.  Shadow of a Dark Muse:  Reprint History of Original Fiction from Weird Tales 1928-1939.  Accepted pending revision by  Extrapolation.

  • Arant, Wendi and Candace R. Benefiel.   "Hours of Operation and Service in Academic Libraries:  Toward a National Standard."  Public Services Quarterly 1.1 (2002):  71-85.

  • Love, Johnnique B. (Johnnie), Candace R. Benefiel, and John Harer. Healing Hearts, Enriching Minds: The Multicultural Storytelling Project and The Texas A&M University Libraries. Journal of Library Adminstration 33.3/4 (2001):  241-258.  This article also appears in Diversity Now:  People, Collections and Services in AcademicLibraries, Teresa Y. Neely and  Kuang-Hwei (Janet) Lee-Smeltzer, eds. New York: Haworth Press, 2002.

  • Benefiel, Candace R., Miller, Jeannie P., Pixey Anne Mosley and Wendi Arant Kaspar.  Service to the Profession: Definitions, Scope and Value. The Reference Librarian 73 (2001):  361-372.  This article also appears in Doing the Work of Reference:  Practical Tips for Excelling as a Reference Librarian, Celia Hales-Mabry, ed.  New York: Haworth Press, 2001.

  •  Adams, Michael and Candace R. Benefiel.   "Literary Reference into the New Century."  (Book chapter). Betty H. Day and William A. Wortman, eds.  Literature in English:  a Guide for Librarians in the Digital Age.   ACRL Studies in Librarianship 54. Chicago:  American Library Association, 2000.  248-268.

  •  Miller, Jeannie P. and Candace R. Benefiel.  "Academic Librarians and the Pursuit of Tenure:  The Support Group as a Strategy for Success."  College and Research Libraries 59.3 (May 1998): 260-265.

  • Benefiel, Candace R., Diana Ramirez and Jeannie P. Miller.   "Baseline Competencies at the Academic Reference Desk. "  Reference Services Review 25.1 (Spring 1997): 83-93.

  • Benefiel, Candace R.  "Fangs for the Memories:  The Vampire in the Nineties."  Wilson Library Bulletin  69.9 (May 1995):  3538.


  • Arant-Kaspar, Wendi and Candace R. Benefiel, eds.  The Image and Role of the Librarian.  New York: Haworth, 2003.  Simultaneously published as The Reference Librarian 78(2002). 
  • Harig,  Katherine  J., Judith Ann Harwood,  and  Candace  R. Benefiel, eds.  The Librarians Idea Book: ALA Poster Sessions, Chicago:  American Library Association, 1993.
  • Benefiel, Candace R.  The Decline and Fall of the Paragon Motel:  A Trilogy of OneAct   PlaysMasters thesis, M.A., West Texas State University, 1989.

  • Selected Paper Presentations

  •  Benefiel, Candace R.  "From Lord Ruthven to Mick St. John:  Two Hundred Years of Vampires." Moonlight Con 2008, Los Angeles, CA, May 25, 2008.

    Benefiel, Candace R.   A Woman Fond of Books:  The Librarian Stereotype and the Intersection of History, Reality and the Media.  Conference on Social Stereotypes and History. German Historical Institute, London.  October 28, 2005.

    Benefiel, Candace R.  Their Infinite Variety: Contemporary Re-Interpretations of the Vampire.  AggieCon 36, College Station, TX, April 22, 2005. 

    Benefiel, Candace. Changing Faces, Changing Places:  Historical Research in the Academic Research Library in a Period of Transition.  Paper as part of a panel presentation. American Association for History and Computing, AAHC Conference 2000, Waco, TX, April 13, 2000.  

    Benefiel, Candace R.  "Electronic Journals and the Humanities Subject Specialist." Texas Library Association, Serials Roundtable and Acquisitions/Collection Development Roundtable.  Texas Library Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, April 2, 1998. 

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