James Creel

Senior Lead Software Applications Developer

  • Supervises development of digital library and information management applications
  • Consults with and trains customers on information management systems and models
  • Provides importation and curation of digital content for the TAMU institutional repository



PhD student in Computer Science at Texas A&M University


James Creel earned a BA in Economics and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003.  He went on to earn a MS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University in 2005, having studied under Thomas Ioerger.  James is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Texas A&M University.

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Libraries, Knowledge Representation, Logic, Natural Language Processing

Selected Papers

  • Liles, B., Creel, J., Maslov, A., Nuernberg, S., duPlessis, A., Mercer, H., McFarland, M.
    and Leggett, J.  Cobre: A Comparative Book Reader for Los Primeros Libros.
    Proceedings of the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS45),
    Maui, HI, USA. January 4-7, 2012
  • James Creel, Jack Koenig, and Robert McGeachin. Automating the Importation of a Historic Scientific Serial into a Digital Repository. OCLC Systems and Services: International digital library perspectives v. 26, no. 2, 2010.
  • Adam Mikeal, James Creel, Alexey Maslov, Scott Phillips, John Leggett, and Mark McFarland.  Large-scale ETD repositories: A case study of a digital library application.  In Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2009, Austin, Texas.
  • Scott Phillips, James Creel, Cody Green, Yixuan Li, Alexey Maslov, Philip Mattingly, Adam Mikeal, Jay Paz, John Leggett and Mark McFarland. Manakin: Lessons Learned.  In Proceedings of The Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, Southampton, England.
  • James Creel, Christopher Menzel, Thomas R. Ioerger: Intention Is Commitment with Expectation. FLAIRS Conference 2007: 50-55
  • Du Li, Yi Yang, James Creel, Blake Dworaczyk: A Framework for Building Collaboration Tools by Leveraging Industrial Components. OTM Conferences (1) 2006: 605-624


  • Intention Is Commitment with Expectation: An Amendement to the Cohen-Levesque Theory of Intention.  VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K. (October 26, 2007)


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