Recording from CD to Cassette - All Tracks


1. Locate and turn on the Philips CD player and the JVC double cassette deck.

2. Insert your cassette (to be recorded onto) into the B deck of the JVC machine.

3. Place audio CD in Philips Player (right side tray).

4. Now locate and turn on the Pioneer stereo receiver. Press the "CD" function key. The display should read "CD".

5. Everything is now ready to record.

6. Press Rec and Pause (at the same time) of JVC cassette deck. Press Play on the CD for a short sound clip to test input level and adjust input level to your desired volume. (note avoid have sound peaking the in red zone)

Once your desired recording level is set, restart the CD.

7. Press the play button on the cassette deck and then "play" on the CD player. Recording will begin.

8. Press "stop" on the cassette deck once CD track has finished playing.