Gary (Gang) Wan

Professional Responsibilities

Develop and manage library collections for the disciplines of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics; process purchasing requests from faculty, staff and students.

Deliver and promote library instruction programs to faculty and students; train student workers and new employees in area of expertise.

Provide both broad-based reference support and specialized reference assistance in the subjects of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the reference desk, on the phone and via email.

Develop and maintain regular communications with faculty, staff and students in the departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mathematics; market library resources and services to them in various forms including newsletters and subject guides.

Participating in research and publication activities, in support of faculty status requirements.



American Library Association, 2006
Library and Information Technology (LITA)


M.L.I.S., University of Western Ontario, 2006.
Major:  Library and Information Science

M.S., Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, 2003.
Major: Computer Science and Applications
Thesis:  Research and Practice on Face Detection and Recognition.

B.Eng. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 1997.
Major: Electrical Engineering

Research Interests

Information Retrieval, Information Visualization, Digital Library, Collection Analysis, etc.

Selected Papers

Wan, G. How Academic Libraries Reach Users on Facebook, accepted by College and Undergraduate Libraries, scheduled for 2011 (4)

Wan, G & Liu, Z. Knowing your users:  the value of article database usage analysis. Learned Publishing 2010(2).

Hankins, Rebecca; Melgoza, Pauline; Seeger, Christina; Wan, G. 2009. Meeting Our Users Where They Conference: A Texas A&M Model to Support Librarian Attendance at Subject-Specific Conferences. Public Services Quarterly, 5(2)

Wan, G et al. Key Issues Surrounding Virtual Chat Reference Model, a Case Study. 2009. Reference Services Review 37(1).

Melgoza, P and Wan, G, 2008. Evaluating ENGnetBASE, an Engineering E-book Database, Science & Technology Libraries 28(4).

Stephens, J., Melgoza, P and Wan, G. Safari Books Online: currency, usage and book release policies of an e-book database. Collection Building, 2008(1).

Wan, G & Liu, Z. Content-Based Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries, accepted by Information Technology and Libraries.

Wan, G. 2007. An Open Source Alternative for Libraries. Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, 23.

Liu, Z., & Wan, G. (2007). Scholarly Journal Articles on Open Access in LIS Literature: A Content Analysis. Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, 23.

Wan, G. 2006. Visualizations for Digital Libraries, Information Technology and Libraries, 25(2).

Wan, G. et al. 2003. Study on the Algorithm of Text Segmentation in Digital Video, Computer Engineering and Applications (Chinese), 39(2), 103-106.

Cui, Y., Zhou, D. & Wan, G. 2002. Web VRGIS Based on VRML and JAVA, Computer Engineering (Chinese), 28(8), 105-107, 203.

Wan, G. & Zhou, D. 2001. Applications and Prospects of Streaming Media on the Campus Network, Computer and Information Technology (Chinese), 2001 (12), 35-37.

Wan, G. et al., 2000. The Application of DSP on Electrical Instrumentation, Science Progress and Policy (Chinese), 17(6), 60-61.

Wan, G. & Zhao, X. 2000. Power Measurement for High-distorted System, Hubei Electric Power (Chinese), 24(4), 59-61.

Presentations and Workshops

Wan, G. co-presented at Texas Library Association 2007 Annual Conference on Library Instruction and Web 2.0

Wan, G.  co-presented "Open Source Installfest”  Juried presentation,  pre-conference, LITA national forum 2006.  Nashville, TN, Oct., 2006.

Wan, G.  “Visualizations for Digital Libraries.”  Texas A&M Libraries Research Forum, College Station, TX, May, 2006.

Liu, Z & Wan, G. “Scholarly Journal Articles on Open Access in LIS Literature: A Content Analysis.” Texas A&M Libraries Research Forum, College Station, TX, Nov, 2007.

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