Libraries Introduce New Bike Desks

By Marketing and Communications | 08-02-2017

Texas A&M University Libraries Introduce New Bike Desks


College Station, TX (August 1, 2017) – The Libraries are committed to ensuring that students feel welcome and inspired in their spaces. To increase the range of services provided, three locations will now include FitDesk Bike Desks that will allow students to study and exercise at the same time. Two stationary bicycle stations, with attached desk space, will be available in Sterling C. Evans Library, West Campus Library, and Medical Sciences Library.

“These Bike Desks demonstrate the new kind of place that the library is becoming and how we think about services,” explained David Carlson, Dean of Texas A&M University Libraries. “We want to enable students to learn and there is much research that shows learning is improved with good health and exercise. We hope that students find the bikes both as an occasional welcome respite from studying but also a way to get re-energized physically.”

These new Bike Desks include adjustable seat-backs, desks, and extension parts, to accommodate a wide variety of users. In order to ensure users are able to write and type while also pedaling, each Bike Desk includes upper body support positions to make studying while exercising easily achieved. The desks are also equipped with quiet mechanics, so that other students studying in the same area will not be inconvenienced. Each location will also supply sanitary wipes allowing users to clean the desks either before or after use.

“We have found success stories, including a study done at Clemson University, which found that light activity on the Bike Desks have led to improved information retention, sleep quality, and academic performance,” added Jared Hoppenfeld, Interim Director of West Campus Library. “It is yet another innovative service we can provide to students who frequent our libraries.”

Students are encouraged to use the new Bike Desks, and to share feedback. Those who complete the following survey will also be entered to win a Fitbit for their time. The survey can be found here.

If any assistance is required or immediate concerns need to be addressed, please contact Ask Us Desk.



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