Library Instruction Request

Teaching with the Libraries (Spring 2021)

The University Libraries Instruction sessions will be predominately virtual. Our librarians, curators and instructional staff are working hard to increase course support through online class guides, tutorials, and asynchronous instruction methods tailored to a specific course and assignments and we will continue to be available for scheduled online instruction sessions during a class or offer pre-recorded sessions if a virtual library visit does not work.

If virtual instruction cannot meet the learning outcomes for a course, some exceptions will be made to accommodate limited in-person library instruction. Any in-person instruction is at the shared discretion of the library and course instructor and must meet guidelines for space occupancy and social distancing. The learning outcomes for library instruction should be considered before making decisions to teach either online or face-to-face.

In accordance with campus guidelines, any in-person instruction must occur in the designated university classroom. Instructors may not bring their classes to the library spaces for class instruction or tours.

Librarians can customize an asynchronous, online learning experience to meet your needs using online guides, tutorials, recorded lectures, and tailored course assignments.

Please allow at least 3 to 4 weeks advanced notice..

Instructor Information


Please provide a description of your course and detail relevant class assignments


K-12 School Visits
Please provide a description of your class.

Pick a Friday: Library classroom instruction is limited to Fridays. Tours are available throughout the week.
Pick a Friday: Library classroom instruction is limited to Fridays. Tours are available throughout the week.

Workshop Or Presentation


Please describe, to the best of your ability, what type of asynchronous tutorial, library guide, or recorded lecture might work best to meet your need.

eCampus, Canvas, Google Classroom or other?

Please let us know if you need accommodations due to a disability (wheelchair access, visual impairments, etc.). In order to provide the best experience possible, requests should be made a least one week in advance.