Research Study Carrels- Guidelines and Procedures


  • Carrels are workspaces provided to meet special scholarly research needs of faculty and advanced graduate students. Two persons are assigned to each carrel on a first-come, first-serve basis. Carrels are not meant to be used as general office space. All library bills must be cleared before carrels can be assigned or renewed.
  • Faculty members are assigned carrels for specific research projects. Faculty members requesting carrels must provide a brief written request for the carrel that documents the specific research need.
  • Graduate students are assigned carrels for the purpose of conducting specific research and writing on a thesis or dissertation. Most classwork should be completed before requesting a carrel and status (working on a thesis or dissertation research) must be verified in writing by the chair of the student’s committee or department head on departmental letterhead.
  • Computers, calculators, reading lamps, library materials (checked out to the patron), and other items deemed necessary for the direct benefit of research and study are permitted to remain in carrels. All carrels that have windows are equipped with blinds for privacy. No other window coverings are allowed.
  • No carrel access will be permitted when the library is closed.
  • Carrel occupant MUST NOT TAMPER with any building alarm or sprinkler system installed in the carrel.
  • Carrel occupants must follow the same general guidelines pertaining to food and drink which apply to the library in general. Snack food is permitted and open packages should be kept in a sealed container. Personal items that establish any form of housekeeping, especially food preparation, are not permitted at any time (including coffee pots, hot plates, refrigerators, and sleeping gear or cots).
  • All library materials in a carrel must be checked out. Carrels are checked on a regular basis and any materials not checked out will be removed and returned to the general collection.
  • Do not to leave valuable items in their carrels. The library is not responsible for personal items left in the carrel.
  • When carrels are shared, care should be taken to provide room for both carrel mates to work and study. Carrel mates are encouraged to coordinate the use of the carrel with regards to the shelf and desktop space.
  • Carrels can be renewed remotely like other library materials for three years. At the end of three years, the user will be contacted and must come in-person to the Evans Library main service desk. At this time, the user must show the carrel key and provide new documents that confirm their ongoing need for the carrel. A $10.00 replacement fee will be charged for lost keys.
  • Carrels can be cleaned by request by contacting the Evans Library main service desk. Patrons should also report any lighting problems to the service desk as soon as possible.
  • At 45 days after a carrel is due and not renewed, the patron will be charged for the non-returned key and a processing fee. The carrel will be considered abandoned and all personal items will be removed and held for one week in the Library lost and found. Items not claimed will then be sent to the University lost and found.

If you have questions about carrel use, please contact the main service desk on the first floor of the Evans Library or call 845-3731.