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Research and Education Services

The Research & Education Department is passionate about connecting with our campus partners and communities, developing relationships, and using the best methods and platforms to get the right tools and information to our customers at the point of need. Our goal is to partner, engage, inform, and collaboratively support the education, research, and clinical missions of the Texas A&M Health Science Center and School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. We are committed to providing a wide range of services for our communities in support of this objective.

Author Identity and Impact

Our librarians can help you decode and leverage scholarly metrics to tell your academic and professional story. We can help you create and manage profiles on platforms like Scholars @ TAMU, ORCID, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate to increase visibility and distinguish your work from others. 

Learn more about scholarly identity, impact, and reputation on the University Libraries' main page. 

Learn more about AltMetric Explorer for TAMU.

Bibliographic Management Support

We offer support for bibliographic management tools that organize your references and streamline the citation process.

Citation management software helps you build a database of citations, simplifying the preparation of your paper, article, report, or grant. The software interacts with word processing applications to help accurately format in-text citations and bibliographies for various citation styles (APA, Chicago, AMA, etc.).

Research & Education Librarians educate and support the use of the following bibliographic managers:


EndNote - a campus-wide subscription for EndNote is available. Some users may have difficulty downloading the software onto their computer. If you encounter this problem, please try the web version available online. Please reach out to the TAMU IT Department if you have any questions.


RefWorks - the University Libraries maintains a subscription to RefWorks, which is accessible through their online platform. This service allows users to continue to utilize it after leaving the university without having to pay an additional subscription. 


Zotero - is a free, open access software packaged in two parts: (1) a desktop application that can be compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux OS; and (2) browser extensions to support web-based collection of citations.

Citation Assistance

Our team is well-versed in various citation styles and can provide guidance to ensure your references are correctly formatted. In addition to providing guidance for common styles, like APA and AMA, our team also offers assistance for sources that may be hard to cite, like podcasts, videos, and blog posts.

For faculty, we offer in-class instructional sessions to help educate students on your preferred method of citation. If you are interested in learning more about an in-class visit or citation assistance, please speak with a member of our team.

Curricular Support for Faculty

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate library services into your courses, providing your students with tools they need to succeed. We can enrich your course content with guest lectures about effective use of information sources,  or by creating tailored learning objects like online guides, tutorials, or quizzes. We can pinpoint topics or assignments within your curriculum where library instruction or resources could provide valuable context or deepen understanding. Our librarians are skilled in identifying areas within your syllabus where the library can partner with you.

Evidence Review and Synthesis

MSL offers a comprehensive suite of review services to support your research needs.  We can help you determine questions, select the appropriate review type for your research question, write and run reproducible searches, contribute to the methods section of your manuscript, assist with producing a PRISMA flowchart, guide those new to reviews through the process, and more. We are skilled in conducting systematic, scoping, narrative, mixed methods,  and integrative reviews. We can also assist with producing meta-analyses, clinical practice guidelines, and other evidence-based clinical guidance resulting from structured literature review.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of your research and increase its societal impact. We adhere to open science ideals to ensure the accessibility, reproducibility, and transparency of syntheses. Request support for a review through our Evidence Review Service page or the Center for Systematic Reviews and Research Syntheses (CSRRS).

Grant Support

We offer comprehensive support for grant-related activities, including identifying potential grants, conducting literature searches, or synthesizing team scholarly metrics for grant proposals. We can also assist with the grant application process, the basics of research data management, grant reporting, and building your ScienCV. Grant support consults can be booked through the online scheduling platform

Individual Consultations

Our librarians are available for one-on-one consultations to discuss and assist with your specific research or information needs. From critical evaluation of resources to finding the right resources for assignments, we are here for you online or in person. Our team is skilled in database search and resource vetting, and can provide insight for your research process. For faculty wanting assistance with instructional courses, consultations can be scheduled to discuss ways the library can support you during the semester. Schedule a Consultation. 

Database and Mediated Searching

Our team provides expert guidance to navigate and use appropriate databases and resources to discover the most relevant and reliable information. For students, we offer 1:1 or small-group consultations to help connect with suitable resources for assignments and research. Faculty, staff, post-docs, Residents, and Fellows can access our mediated search service, which includes a librarian searching the databases for you and providing citation results on your topic of interest. Mediated searching saves time and effort. 

Publication Support

Our team can help you identify target journals for your research and vet journals or publishers for trustworthiness, ensuring your work is published in credible outlets. If you are unsure of a journal’s credibility or have some concerns during the publication process, our team members can guide you through the process to find a publication that suits your needs.  

Contact us at or schedule an appointment with a Research & Education Librarian directly. We can meet online, in person, or come to your class. We also offer instructional sessions upon request.