Binding Wounds, Traveling Exhibit

By Marketing and Communications | 04-03-2017


Focus on African Americans in Civil War Medicine

COLLEGE STATION (April 3, 2017) – Texas A&M University Libraries announce the arrival of the Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries traveling exhibit, starting April 3. Located in Medical Sciences Library, the traveling banner adaptation of the National Library of Medicine’s exhibit focuses on the impact of African Americans in Civil War Medicine.

“I believe every period or event in history has unsung heroes and untold stories. I’m grateful to have this exhibit to give voice to some of those stories. It will help us to focus and reflect on the contributions of African Americans who provided care to our soldiers during this especially brutal war,” explained Esther Carrigan, Associate Dean and Director of Medical Sciences Library. “These contributions are too often overlooked for African Americans and others who serve humanitarian causes. This message is especially poignant for us today as we continue to hear and see news of the ravages of wars, the importance of the contributions of health care workers and other non-combatants, and the personal peril they experience. This selfless service should resonate across the A&M campus.”

 The traveling exhibit aims to better tell the often overlooked story of African Americans who served as surgeons, nurses, and hospital workers during the American Civil War. While all came from different backgrounds and had different levels of experience, their ability to move beyond prejudices to serve the fight for their freedom and preservation of the Union.

The traveling banner exhibit includes insight to the various roles African Americans filled during the Civil War, as well as specific notable leaders and their stories. The exhibit will be located in the Medical Sciences Library on West Campus from April 3 – May 13.



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