What we do

The Preservation Unit ensures the long-term access and sustainability of the Texas A&M University Libraries’ physical and digital collections for its diverse community of users. By preserving the integrity of the physical and digital artifacts, the Preservation Unit plays an integral role in the Libraries’ mission of providing quality information, services, and resources.



Collections Care

Digital Services Center

Digital Preservation

Facilities & Equipment

Contact Preservation

Telephone: 979-845-8847


The Team

The Preservation Unit is staffed by a team of twelve Librarians and staff members led by the Director of Preservation:

  • Preservation Librarian
  • General Collections Book Repair Manager
  • Commercial Binding Manager
  • Conservator
  • Conservation Technician
  • Collections Care Coordinator
  • Collections Care Assistant
  • Preservation Assistant
  • Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Digital Projects Student Supervisor
  • Digital Service Center Supervisor
  • Audio/Visual Digitization Specialist

The Preservation Unit is also supported in its mission by a group of dedicated student workers and technicians.