Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week

By Marketing and Communications | 02-06-2017

Texas A&M University Libraries Celebrate Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week

Presentation By School of Law Professor Included

COLLEGE STATION (February 6, 2017) – Texas A&M University Libraries will join libraries around the world to celebrate Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week from February 20 through February 24. In the United States the week is meant to celebrate the important doctrine of fair use, while in Canada and other jurisdictions it is known as fair dealing.

“Fair use is a balance of the rights of creators to profit from their work and creativity against the rights of users to share, re-mix, use and educate. Regrettably, fair use is sometimes discussed as if it were a “zero-sum” game; it is not,” explained David Carlson, Dean of Texas A&M University Libraries. “When we exercise fair use properly, respectfully, and legally, it’s not only the user community that benefits, it’s also the creators and entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. Today’s creators see their work expand to larger audiences and inspire the writers, artists, inventors, and teachers of tomorrow.”

Fair use is an exception to the exclusive rights of creators under copyright law, which allows parties to utilize copyrighted material without permission from the creator, in certain situations. Adapting copyright to new technologies, fair use promotes progress in areas of art and science.

Students, faculty, and librarians use fair use almost daily, and may not realize how the doctrine assists with the advancement of learning and research. Because of this, the Association of Research Libraries has worked with libraries around the world to spend one week each year to discuss and promote this doctrine at hand.

“I want the A&M community to know that Fair Use is a process of reasoning, a process that can be learned,” said Emilie Algenio, Copyright/Fair Use Librarian, Texas A&M University Libraries. “We here at the Libraries encourage you to learn about Fair Use, and why it matters for your research and scholarship. We’re happy to help!”

The Libraries aim not only to teach students, faculty, and staff what fair use is, but also to teach others how to use it and benefit from it. All are able to use copyrighted works, under certain circumstances, to fundamentally facilitate information sharing and knowledge creation. This allows the Libraries to provide more avenues for students to collaborate, which makes it easier for learning and innovation to take place.

To celebrate Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week, the Libraries will be hosting a presentation by Professor Glynn Lunney, Jr., School of Law, Texas A&M University, on February 22 at 2:00 p.m. Titled “Life in a Fair Use World,” the presentation will focus on what fair use is, how it can be used to their advantage, and what fair use means for faculty, copyright owners, copyright consumers, and follow-on creators. This event is free and open to the public, and will include light refreshments.


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