General Information

About the Collection

The map collection includes over 250,000 print maps and aerial photographs. The maps are physical in nature, reflecting our large collection of topographic material from all regions of the world. The collection strengths are materials representing Texas, United States, and Central and South America. The collection also encompasses Brazos County aerial photos, worldwide travel and recreation information, political maps, outline and base maps, physical sciences maps, special category maps, and historical maps. We have holdings of foreign thematic maps, including a large selection of WWII era Army Mapping Service maps. Most maps are early 20th century to the present.

A large portion of the collection comes from government agencies: CIA - maps of countries and regions of the world; FEMA - Flood Insurance Rate Maps; Agriculture Dept. - soil surveys; NOAA - bathymetry and coastline maps; USGS - topographic, geologic and scientific maps. Many of these print maps are now distributed only in digital form and can be found on agency web pages, listed here.

Finding Our Maps

The majority of the collection is listed in the library's catalog, LibCat. You may perform an effective LibCat search by selecting the drop down link under Limiting Your Search to “Location: Map & GIS Library.” We have an extensive collection of United States topical maps and created an interactive map that allows you to browse by state. Click on the Library of Congress Call Number Map, and select the state of your choice to view maps in our library catalog, LibCat. Part of our collection, including atlases and the USGS topographic maps, are not accessible through this interactive map.