Former Student Employees

In 2014 the Map & GIS Library was awarded the Special Achievement in GIS Award. Our student employees are a vital part of the library, their hard work is one of the reasons we received this award. We have created this page as an acknowledgement of their hard work and to celebrate their career achievements after graduating.

Afreen Shiraz Virani

Degree: Master of Water Management and Hydrological Science, 2014
Thesis Title: Estimation of E. coli concentration from failing On Site Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) using GIS.
Current Employment: Conservation Intern, San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS)
Favorite Project: "London Web-Mapping Preservation, an initiative to curate and create an antique map collection available to the public through a web-mapping service. The experience of leading a project, and achieving outcomes were very rewarding."

Alison Minarcik

Degree: Master in International Affairs, Master in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, 2014
Thesis Title: Chinese Investment in the Peruvian Mining Sector: Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
Current Employment: Junior Research Associate, Taylor & Hammel LLC
Favorite Project: "My favorite project was working with Mark to figure out how to use our new handheld GPS units for navigation and data collection. We would walk around A&M's campus and try to navigate to various locations. It was always a workday adventure!"

Jaison Sanwald

Degree: Master of Water Management and Hydrological Science, 2012
Current Employment: Project Manager, Texas Operations and Professional Services
Favorite Project: "Working with other students on class projects and personal curiosity of the materials in the Maps and GIS Library. Interacting with patrons gave me the opportunity to improve my problem solving and communication skills."

Katharine Graham

Degree: B.S. in Geography GIS Option, 2012
Current Employment: Pipeline Data Technician, CenterPoint Energy
Favorite Project: "Working on the Historic Aggieland Project was amazing. I really got to know the history of Texas A&M better!"

Madeline Loving Hall

Degree: B.A. in History, 2013
Current Employment: Marketing Assistant, Taylor & Francis Group
Favorite Project: "As a history nerd, I truly enjoyed working on Mapping Historic Aggieland. I was able to access old archives from Cushing Library, look through yearbooks, old photos, and newspaper clippings all while learning about the history of Texas A&M!"

Michael C. Rodriguez

Degree: B.A. Engineering Administration, 2012
Current Employment: CIPT Project Engineer, QuEST Global
Favorite Project: "Mapping Historic Aggieland was my favorite because in researching the history of A&M, you see the changes over time and how it has impacted student life."

Michelle Pruse

Degree: B.S. Spatial Science, 2010
Current Employment: Sr. GIS Analyst, Eagle Rock Energy
Favorite Project: "One of my favorite projects was GIS Day. Helping patrons visiting the Map & GIS Library, making sure projects were on display, and sharing what GIS is with people who had never heard of it before was very fun and taught me how to multitask!"

Mingde You

Degree: M.S. Geography, 2015
Current Employment: Graduate Assistant, TAMU Department of Geography
Favorite Project: "The historical aerial photo archive project gave me valuable experience of how to solve problems individually and collaborate with other members effectively."

Riley Emmons

Degree: B.S. in Spatial Sciences, 2013
Current Employment: GIS Manager, Acorn Forestry
Favorite Project: "I really enjoyed working on tutorials and helping students who came in with questions. Everything we did was for the benefit of the patrons - which is how it should be!"

Samantha Jameson

Degree: B.S. in Geography, 2015
Current Employment: Outreach Specialist Intern, TAMU Office of Sustainability
Favorite project: "I like encapsulating the older maps that we had in the collection, because I got to see obscure and interesting maps I wouldn't otherwise see regularly, especially the hand-drawn travel maps from the early and mid-20th century."

Subrity Rajbhandari

Degree: Master of Engineering, 2011
Current Employment: Research Assistant, Texas Southern University
Favorite Project: "Being part of the Mapping Historic Aggieland and Helping students with their GIS problems."

Travis Liska

Degree: Master of Urban Planning, 2014
Thesis Title: Comparative Analysis of Bus Rapid Transit Ridership Factors in the U.S.
Current Employment: Transportation Planner, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Favorite Project: "The Presidios and Camino Real project started from a 1728 document listing Spanish fort locations in Texas and Mexico. Our team deciphered historic coordinates and maps to produce a series of thematic maps detailing this piece of history."