GEODAS Grid Translator

GEODAS (Geophysical Data System) is an interactive database management system developed by the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) for use in the assimilation, storage, and retrieval of geophysical data.

  • GEODAS Grid Translator - Design-a-Grid application can be run on-line to create a custom grid for several GEODAS Gridded Databases, which will be the source of the grid cells for your custom grid.
  • ETOPO1 Global Relief Model - A 1 arc-minute global relief model of Earth's surface that integrates continental topography and oceanic bathymetry. ETOPO1 is the result of an improvement to the ETOPO2v2, and whole-world grids are available free to download. Also, a color-shaded relief image of ice surfaces are available to download on a KML zipped (KMZ) file to  view it in Google Earth.
  • US Coastal Relief Model - Bathymetric/Topographic grids at 3 arc-seconds for US coasts created from the NOS Hydrographic Surveys database. Some sets are available now; more are in progress.
  • Great Lakes Bathymetry - Bathymetric/Topographic grids at 3 arc-seconds for the Great Lakes created from the NOS Hydrographic Surveys database. Custom grids can be created for Lake Erie and Ontario.
    Users choose the criteria for their custom grid, including lat/lon area, grid cell size [1min-10min (1 min = %7e1.8 km)], format, number type, etc. The number of latitude and longitude cells of your grid will automatically be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the Design-a-Grid web page. Once you are satisfied with your options, click the Design-a-Grid button to create the grid.
    Several grid format and format parameters are available (binary raster, ASCII, XYZ Delimited, etc.). See details here.

GEBCO - General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans

The GEBCO project produces global bathymetric data sets based upon echo-sounding data collected by ships and compiled by experienced geoscientists. Interpretation is helped by the use of directional fabric shown by satellite-derived gravity information. GEBCO data is maintained by the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) in the form of a digital atlas. The GEBCO Digital Atlas (GDA) consists of a global set of digital bathymetric contours, coastlines, track line control information and a global one arc-minute bathymetric grid  (GEBCO One Minute Grid). The complete GDA is distributed on CDROM, and also available to download for free from the BODC website. The online version is a 2008 update of the 2003 release.

Satellite Geodesy

The Satellite Geodesy Research Group at UC San Diego offers global measured and estimated seafloor topography from satellite altimetry and ship depth soundings. It is available as a gridded bathymetry at 1 minute resolution that may be viewed with Google Earth.

Coastline Extractor

This tool, hosted by  NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center Marine Geology and Geophysics Division, allows you to extract coastline segments bounded by a specified latitude/longitude range. This extractor plots the coastline segment you select to extract, giving the opportunity to visualize the extracted region.The selected data returned by the query is an ASCII flat file containing longitude and latitude in decimal degrees (west negative), MAPGEN format, MATLAB format, Arc ungenerate format –which works with Arc/Info or with ArcView if you convert it to shapefile. The ASCII files may be compressed in a variety of formats before downloading.

Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS)

It offers bathymetry and shorelines data in different formats, including shapefiles.

NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) Bathymetry and Global Relief

Scientific stewardship, products, and services for ocean depth data and derived Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

  • NOAA NGDC Bathymetry Data Viewer
    A user-friendly ma[pping service that allows to view and download bathymetric data. It offers layers such as multibeam and trackline bathymetry, NOS hydrogragraphic survey, and DEMs. User can select area of interest and retrieve the bathymetric raw data.


GSHHS - Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Shoreline Database

Hosted by NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center Marine Geology and Geophysics Division, the download GSHHS shapefile version 1.3. files are available individually or as a single tar/gzip file. This directory contains shapefiles of varying complexity for version 1.3 of the GSHHS:
  • gshhs_1.3_shapefiles.tar.gz  all files below in one tar/gzip file
  • gshhs_land contains the basic coastline shapefile
  • gshhs_lake contains the shapefile of lakes within land
  • gshhs_isl  contains the shapefile of islands within lakes
  • gshhs_pond contains the shapefile of ponds within islands within lakes

NOAA Medium Resolution Digital Vector Shoreline

This website hosts a high-quality, GIS-ready, general-use digital vector data set of the entire contiguous U.S., which was created by the Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) Division of NOAA's Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment. Compiled from hundreds of NOAA coast charts, this product comprises over 75,000 nautical miles of coastline (nearly 2.5 million vectices), taken directly from the most up-to-date coast charts available at the time (1988-1992).

NOAA Shoreline Data Explorer

This is an interactive map that displays high-resolution digital shoreline data of the entire U.S. and adjacent islands. The Remote Sensing Division of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) plans and acquires aerial photography and compiles shoreline data, primarily for application to the nautical charts produced by NOAA's Office of Coast Survey. In recent years, these data have been produced in digital form. This viewer allows downloading shapefiles.

NGDC 3 Arc-Second Coastal Relief Model

The first comprehensive view of the U.S. coastal zone for the entire contiguous U.S., including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, extends to the coastal state boundaries far offshore with continuous view of the seafloor. In many cases, this seaward limit reaches out to and beyond the continental slope.

NOAA Shoreline Website

This site includes global, national, and local scale shoreline data. It offers shoreline applications such as shoreline change analysis, nautical chart production, cartographic representation, and boundary determination. It provides clear information about vector shoreline data generated by federal agencies, as well as easy access to the data. The home page provides direct access to shoreline-specific information and, for those who need more background, simple explanations of the common uses of shoreline data.


National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC): Marine Geology and Geophysics Division

  • National Ocean Service (NOS) U.S. Bathymetric & Fishing Maps - It offers scanned maps to download, or a CD-Rom with the same images can be order here.
  • U.S. Bathymetric and Fishing Maps Viewer - It display the map coverage and allows to download PDF or full-size maps.

NOAA Office of the Coast Survey

It offers GIS services and tools, data portals and diverse resources to assist in decision making on a local, regional, and global basis.

  • NOAA ENC Direct to GIS - This web portal provides comprehensive access to display, query, and download all available NOAA ENC data of U.S. waters in a variety of GIS/CAD formats for non-navigational purposes using Internet Mapping Service Technology.

Digital Nautical Chart

Produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), this website offers nautical charts for the entire world region.

NOAA Raster Nautical Charts

The NOAA_RNC Map Service "provides a seamless collarles mosaic of the NOAA Raster Nautical Charts. Source charts are updated by the 10th of each month. This map service is not to be used for navigation."
To display the raster nautical charts within your ArcMap project, please connect to ArcGIS Server through ArcCatalog → GIS Servers →  Add ArcGIS Server → Use GIS Services → Internet/Server URL: Please paste and click Finish.
Now find "ArcGIS on" folder, and open the plus sign to look for the "RNC" folder. Add the "RNC/NOAA_RNC" mapping service to your ArcMap project and study the layers. The layer "NOAA raster Chart Footprints" provides the URL to download the raster nautical charts, using the "identify" or "HTML popup" tools.


Tobin Global Planner® - Licensed to only-TAMU members

A consistent and uniform integration of detailed topographic maps and vector data covering populated locations of the world. It includes more than 3,000 scanned and geo-referenced Russian topographic maps scaled at 1:500,000. These maps provide detailed elevation, culture, population, and geodetic information about the surface of the land, the shorelines, and near shore bathymetry. To offer additional information to support the topographic maps, the 1:1,000,000 NIMA 2000 Digital Chart of the World (DCW) vector data set and the U.S.G.S. World Petroleum Assessment (WPA) 2000 vector data set are included in the Global Planner®. The DCW data layers include culture, political boundary, English language information, etc. The WPA data layers include oil and gas field locations and names, geological basin configuration maps, etc. You may view the Tobin Global Planner shapefile collection through our ArcIMS service
If you think it would be helpful for your project, you may come by the Map & GIS Collections and Services to obtain the digital files.

GEBCO Digital Atlas (GDA)- Centenary Edition CD-Rom

Call Number G9096.C2 2003.B7

The GEBCO Digital Atlas (GDA) is a reference source for the bathymetry of the world's oceans. It contains a global 1 arc-minute bathymetric grid — the GEBCO One Minute Grid and global sets of digital bathymetric contours and coastlines. See more information about this atlas here.

International Bathymetric Chart of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico

Call Number G9112.M4C2 2008.I5

This is a bathymetry collection published by INEGI. Library catalog currently holds CD 1 of a set of 17 CDs. If you find this dataset extremely useful, and that it provides data that is not available on current online resources, we may place a request to purchase the entire set. Read more about this collection here.

Printed and Digital Resources

We also have a collection of global printed nautical charts, digital shapefiles, and imagery. You may stop by and explore our collections to see if anything could be useful for your project.

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