Census Data Resources for GIS Users

Training Information

Census data are necessary to perform GIS analysis in many fields of study. You can take advantage of a great deal of free data and databases available through Texas A&M Libraries membership. This session will explore the many census data resources via the web and library webpage. You will gain understanding of census geographies and their standardized codes (FIPS | Federal Information Processing Series).  Also, hands-on exercises will allow you to learn how to download boundaries and tabular data, as well as joining those tables to the boundary shapefiles.

Spring '12 Sessions


Limited to 20 spaces only. Online registration required to attend.

Learning Goals

After attending this session, you will be:

  • Familiar with the various types and sources of census data
  • Able to download and manipulate census data
  • Able to create GIS thematic maps from tabular data


  • GIS course (enrolled or completed) OR
  • Knowledge of GIS software for creation of thematic maps OR
  • Take free online training course and bring certificate (available here)

Who should attend?

Faculty, staff and students from Texas A&M and the Health Science Center who need to integrate census data for their course or research GIS projects.

Cancellation Policy:

The capacity of this training is limited to 20 participants. We have a waiting list. If an unexpected should arise and you must cancel your registration, please e-mail us ASAP, so we can allow another participant to take your seat.