World Veterinary Year Panel Examines Global Impact of Veterinarians April 27

Marketing and Communications | April 19, 2011

A panel of specialists on food animal medicine will examine the global impact of veterinarians during the second World Veterinary Year Lecture at 4-5:30 p.m., April 27 at the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building in the auditorium. Faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine &Biomedical Sciences (CVM) participating in the panel discussion include Dr. Clay Ashley, director of the CVM’s Medical Research Park, Dr. Philippa Sprake, veterinary resident instructor in Food Animal Medicine, and Dr. Juan Romano, associate professor in Food Animal Medicine.

Co-sponsored by Texas A&M University Medical Sciences Library (MSL) and the CVM, the lecture series celebrates 250 years of veterinary medical education in collaboration with the worldwide veterinary community. The first lecture by C. Trenton Boyd, head of the Zalk Veterinary Medical Library at the University of Missouri, presented a glimpse of veterinary history through period postcards. The third lecture, scheduled for October 12, will look at emerging trends in veterinary medicine.

The campus community is invited to the panel discussion. Limited parking is available in Lots 30D & E. For more information contact Sandy Samford at