University Libraries Adopts VIVO Application for Faculty Collaboration

Marketing and Communications | April 10, 2014

The Texas A&M University Libraries is preparing to launch VIVO, a web-based community of research profiles to enhance faculty collaboration. By providing standard research profiles for all university faculty and graduate students, researchers can discover and contact individuals with similar interests whether they are across campus or at another VIVO institution. The data entry and standardization will continue through the summer with the VIVO debut planned for Open Access Week in October 2014.

“We want to make it easy for researchers to be identified on the Web,” said Violeta Ilik, the Semantic Technologies Librarian responsible for implementing VIVO on campus. “The goal of VIVO is to make it easy for researchers on our own campus to find collaborators for interdisciplinary connections, projects and grants, something that is highly encouraged here [at Texas A&M].”

The VIVO implementation complements the Libraries’ introduction of ORCID this spring. ORCID, a registry of unique identifiers for researchers, is part of the growing suite of services offered by the Libraries to develop research opportunities and scholar recognition through focused applications and software. The Libraries will also use VIVO to strengthen its understanding of expertise on campus to support the development of collections and services that support researchers’ needs.

“This is the direction libraries are going in the future,” Ilik said. “The semantic web technologies will make it much easier for us to find information. Semantic technology allows not only humans to read data available on the Internet, but also allows the machines to understand the data.”


For more information about VIVO, please contact Violeta Ilik: 979-862-4661, or