Preservation Librarian

Position Description

Clinical Assistant or Associate Professor
Preservation Librarian
Information Resources
Dean of Libraries

General Description:

Reporting to the Dean of Libraries through the Director of Preservation and Associate Dean for Information Services, the Preservation Librarian is responsible for overseeing key preservation activities for both general and special collections as well as working in a team with other faculty and staff in Preservation. This faculty position supervises staff, manages workflows, reviews budgets, assesses collections, and aids in project management. The Preservation Librarian will also contribute to the Preservation Unit’s mission to educate and raise awareness of preservation issues with the University Libraries’ faculty and staff as well as work with the Director of Preservation on outreach to the campus and community. The individual also serves on committees (including the University Libraries disaster recovery team) and works with various administrative groups as appropriate.

General Duties:

  • Preserving items in general collections, special collections, and archives
  • Manages environmental monitoring and integrated pest management programs.
  • Manages enclosure budgets.
  • Reviews and analyzes binding practices.
  • Anticipates innovative and evolving preservation trends and implements best practices for physical preservation.
  • Manages preservation workflow of general collections designated for shipment to storage facilities.
  • Aids in identifying and evaluating preservation needs of items from the Libraries’ general and special collections and determines preservation solutions, re-housing options, and reformatting needs.
  • Manages the enclosures program for both general and special collections and create enclosures.
  • Prepares and organizes general and special collections materials to be sent to outside vendors for preservation and reformatting.
  • Aids in digitization workflows and project management.
  • Participates in the disaster preparedness and emergency response as well as in any recovery efforts related to the Libraries’ general and special collections.
  • Assists the Director of Preservation with disaster planning.
  • Develops procedures, guidelines, and policies for preservation under the guidance of the Director of Preservation.
  • Educates library faculty and staff on preservation issues.
  • Builds and fosters professional relationships with local and national groups involved in the full range of preservation responsibilities.
  • Engages in professional development activities and maintains a productive service record.
  • Other duties as assigned.