Troubleshooting off-campus ports

Off-campus access to electronic holdings is available to currently enrolled students and faculty and staff of Texas A&M University and its affiliated agencies [TAES, TEEX, TTI, etc.].

Library EzProxy Server

The library uses the following addresses for access to e-resources. To see if you you have access to these addresses (actually to the port numbers within the addresses), just click the links. I'd recommend clicking the links with words rather than the IP numbers (for example, for the EZProxy link, not the following number link).

The IP numbers are more for technical support's information, if needed. *** There is no need to access the information on the screens, just see if the screens display the information listed with each address (for example, the library login screen after clicking the EZProxy link). *** If you cannot access any of these links, please let your network administrator know and request access to the addresses (and ports). You could include a copy of the error message.

General Off-campus Access (EZProxy)

Selecting your institution will take you to the Libraries' off-campus login page

Screenshot of Libraries' login page

e-Journals (SFX)

Should see screen with big letters SFX

SFX login Screen