The second stage will involve the 4th floor of the Annex, with Media & Reserves being moved to the remodeled 1st floor to allow for more accessibility. Evans 1st floor will also be affected, but students will still be able to enter both buildings and use the space.

The final stage will involve reconstructing the 2nd floor of Evans to allow for better visibility for the Maps and GIS services and more open, collaborative, and interactive spaces for students to utilize.

Updates on exact start dates and phase completion will be announced as they become definite.

The first stage of reconstruction will continue to progress, with the final part of the phase beginning on February 20th. This part of the project will affect the front entrance to the Sterling C. Evans Library Annex, and will require students, faculty, and staff to enter through alternate doors near the regular entrance. While building access is altered, students will still be able to use the elevators and staircase to reach floors two through six, or enter the Annex through the Evans skywalk.