Recording from Cassette to CD


1. Locate and turn on the JVC double cassette deck.

2. Place the audio cassette in JVC cassette deck B.

3. Locate and turn on the Philips CD Recorder.

4. Place blank recordable CD into the left tray labeled "Philips".

5. Now press the "source" button. It should be located below the display. Press "source" until display reads "Analog".

6. Press "Auto/Manuel" button to switch between auto and Manuel track numbering.

7. Connect headphones to the Philips CD recorder to listen to audio.

8. Press "record" on the Philips CD Recorder.

9. Press "play" on cassette deck B listen for second coming into the Philips CD recorder.

10. Press "RecLevel" (+ or -) to adjust recording volume. Make sure level bars are not in the red.

11. Press "Play" on CD recorder to start recording.

12. Press "stop" on the CD recorder to stop recording.

13. Once you are done, press "finalize" and then "record" on the Philips CD Recorder.