Recording from Turntable to CD


1. Locate and turn on the Technics turntable.

2. Turn on the Philips CD recorder and press "source" on the CD recorder until it reads "Analog".

3. Place blank CD in the left tray which reads "Philips" on it.

Note: only CD's with the "compact disc digital audio recordable" logo can be used for recording on this device.

4. Locate and turn on the Pioneer stereo receiver. Press the "Phono" function key. The display should read "PHONO".

5. Press "record" on the Philips CD recorder.

6. Adjust Rec Level using the – or + buttons on the Philips CD Recorder. Press start on the turntable for a short sound clip to test input level. (note avoid have sound peaking the in red zone). Once your desired recording level is set, restart the turntable.

7. Now, press "play" on the turntable and "play" on the Philips recorder to begin recording.