News and Updates

Retention Schedule Update

The Texas A&M University System records retention schedule has been updated and recertified as of January 2012. It may be accessed at

Change in Records Center Personnel

Kevin M. O'Sullivan is the newly appointed Head of Records Management, replacing Meg Carpenter, who retired in November 2011 after 20 years with the University, the last 11 of those years in Records Management. Please continue to request services by phone 979-458-1470 or email

Georgia Tech Invokes FERPA, Cripples School's Wikis

By Audrey Watters, Hack Edcuation, 11/15,11,
Although it's up to the U.S. Department of Education to enforce FERPA compliance, there's news from Georgia Tech today that the school has made a decision to interpret FERPA as prohibiting posting students' work publicly online.