Using the Records Center

The University Records Center is located in the Purchasing and Stores Building, 330 Agronomy Road, Suite 160. This location serves as the box storage space, box viewing area, and staff offices. This is a secure facility.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Everyone at Texas A&M has a role to play in records management. Everyone who creates, receives, sends or files documents in any format must determine whether or not these are records documenting the business activities of the University. Records must be maintained in a system that allows access to the right people at the right time throughout the life cycle of those records.

Records Retention: 

Please refer to the TAMU System Records Retention Schedule ( to determine the length of time your records need to be retained. To send records to the University Records Center for storage, they must be in a standard records storage box or voucher box with a secure lid. A Records Storage Form must accompany the boxes. Complete instructions are included on the form.

Boxes in storage can be requested or viewed by authorized departmental personnel at any time.  Please call 458-1470 or email in advance so we can have your boxes waiting for you. If you are sending someone not on the authorization form, such as a student worker, to view or pick up your boxes, please let us know the person's name by phone, email, or letter. Anyone requesting boxes may be asked for a photo ID.

You will be notified in writing when boxes in the University Records Center are due for destruction.  No records are destroyed without the department's approval.  We will store your records as long as they have administrative, legal, financial, or historical value.  However, we do ask that you inform the Records Center if your records need to be stored for a longer period of time than is indicated on the TAMU System Records Retention Schedule.

Records Disposition:

To send records to the University Records Center for shredding, we request that they be in records storage boxes or in equivalent sturdy boxes of the same dimensions (1.2 cubic feet) with a secure lid and which weigh no more than 35 lbs. We reserve the right to refuse pickup on non-standard boxes that are too heavy. Bags are not accepted. A Records Destruction Form is required. Complete instructions are included with the form. Please put assigned box numbers on the Records Destruction Form AND the boxes. We also request that the boxes contain records that actually require secure disposal, as opposed to recycling. Any non-paper items, such as photos, video or audio tapes, computer disks, or plastics, that are sent to the University Records Center are directed to a commercial vendor for proper environmental and secure disposal.

Records can also be destroyed in your department by staff or a commercial vendor.  To provide documentation of this activity, complete the Records Destruction Form and check "Request for Departmental Destruction." Send the completed form to Records Management before destroying records so we can check to be certain that you are following the proper retention guidelines.

The A&M System regulation requires that the Records Officer approve all records destruction. This does not aply to convenience copies or transitory information. The regulation applies to the deletion of electronic records as well as the destruction of paper records. Please send a completed Records Destruction form to Records Management for approval before destroying official University records maintained in any format.

Archival Records:

Some records are required to be retained in the University Archives or reviewed by the archivist before destruction. These records are marked on the retention schedule with an A or R. Departments may have additional records that they feel are of historical significance to the University. You can contact the Cushing Memorial Library, 979-845-1951. Boxes in storage indicated as having archival value will be evaluated by the University Archivist at the end of their retention period, and the contents will be retained or destroyed at his discretion.

Pickup/Delivery Schedule:

The records center is open Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm. The pickup schedule will be limited to mornings, Monday through Thursday. Boxes can also be delivered to the Records Center by appointment only. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 458-1470 or email


Due to the closing of the University's Stores operation, white boxes printed with "Texas A&M Records Management" are no longer available. Office Max carries sturdy storage boxes (#P5OM97213, #P5OM97207 or #P512775). Please use these boxes or equivalent maximum strength boxes for sending records for storage. Do not use single-wall boxes for storage (Office Max calls these "basic strength"). Please put assigned box numbers on the forms AND on the front of the boxes.

Records Program Assessment
A records assessment strengthens the foundation of the program:
         Ensures that procedures and processes are being followed 
         Ensures that the program is serving the University efficiently and effectively
         Demonstrates a commitment to the importance of the program
         Makes the program accountable
         Minimizes risks associated with not complying with the records program
         Ensures that records are easily identifiable, protected, secure, and retrievable

There are several very good checklists available to use for assessing a records program:
                Smithsonian Institution Archives
                National Archives & Records Administration
                ARMA International publication Evaluating and Mitigating Records and Information Risks (available from ARMA International or a copy is available at the Records Center)

If you would like a records assessment done in your department, please contact the Records Center at or 979-458-1470.