Community and Collection Administration

An OAK Trust (Digital Repository) Community or Collection agrees to:

  • Arrange for submission and description of content
  • Make decisions about Community and Collection definitions
  • Notify Office of Scholarly Communication of organization changes affecting submissions or Community/Collection administration
  • Reply to annual reconfirmation of community information
  • Understand and observe Texas A&M University and System policies relevant to the Repository, and educate community submitters regarding these policies
  • Clear copyright or obtain permissions for items submitted when copyright owner is other than author(s) or Texas A&M
  • Decide upon a submission workflow for each collection

An OAK Trust (Digital Repository) Community or Collection retains the right to:

  • Decide policy regarding content to be submitted (within OAK Trust guidelines)
  • Decide who may submit content within the Community/Collection
  • Limit access to content (within OAK Trust guidelines)
  • Receive a copy of submitted content upon request
  • Remove items and collections (as outlined in Withdrawal section of OAK Trust guidelines)
  • Approve addition or elimination of sub-communities and collections
  • Customize interfaces to community content

Texas A&M University Libraries agrees to:

  • Retain and maintain content submitted to OAK Trust (Digital Repository)
  • Distribute content according to community decisions (however, metadata will always be accessible, unless items are withdrawn in accordance with OAK Trust (Digital Repository) guidelines)
  • Preserve content using accepted digital preservation techniques
  • Notify Communities of significant changes to content, e.g., format migration for preservation purposes
  • If Texas A&M University Libraries ceases to support OAK Trust (Digital Repository), return collections to existing communities and transfer to University Archives collections that have ceased to exist

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