Crowdsourcing for Aggieland Sustainability



GIS Day Kick Off

Wednesday November 20
Park behind the new Liberal Arts (LAAH) Building
Time:  11:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Data Collection

  • Beta-Testing Data Collection
    One iPod Shuffle provided by MacResource Computers
    Date: Open now!
    Ends Tuesday midnight CST
    Texas A&M University | All across campus
    At your pace
  • GIS Day Data Collection
    One iPod Shuffle provided by  MacResource Computers
    Date: Wednesday November 20
    Texas A&M University | All across campus
    Time: 12:00-3:00 p.m.

For technical questions, please contact App Developer Jannel Gonzales    
For logistical questions during your data collection, please contact Alan Lewis Cc Daniel Goldberg and Miriam Olivares if you wouldn't mind!

Prize Announcement

* Applies to all Beta-Testing and GIS Day data collection
Location:  Evans Library  | Room 204E
Time:  4:00–4:30 p.m.


Do you use the bike racks or solar recycling bins? Have you noticed the low-flush toilets at the MSC? Or perhaps somewhere you have seen sprinklers watering on a rainy day and wondered, "Is there anything I can do to change that?" Through crowdsourcing and GIS, you can offer opportunities to raise awareness!

The GeoInnovation Service Center and the Texas A&M Office of Sustainability have partnered to bring to you Aggieland's first-ever sustainability data collection tool through mobile technology. Use cutting-edge mapping technology on your phone to share your discoveries and insights about what makes our campus sustainable or how it can be improved. 

Take part in this exciting event now by collecting data anywhere on campus. It's easy! Just download the Esri ArcGIS app  and follow the instructions.


Howdy Aggies!

We need YOUR help collecting information about our campus's energy and water usage and sustainability habits.

  1. Download the Esri ArcGIS app to your phone.
  2. Search: "Aggieland Sustainability"

    What do you see? Add it to the map! Here's how:

  3. Add a feature and fill out the form. Comments welcome!
  4. Attach a picture
  5. Give your GPS location and submit! It's that simple!
InstructionsiOSAndroid OS
Add a feature and complete the form Click [the wrench icon] then the [install icon] icon Click [pencil icon] then choose a feature type
Attach a picture Click [paperclip icon] Click [paperclip icon]
Find your GPS location and add a point to the map. Click [add point icon] then click [target icon] to find a location. Tap [blue dot] and click [Accept button] Click [add point icon] then click [target icon] to find a location. Tap [confirm icon]
Submit your observation Click [Done button] Click [confirm icon]