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supported in part by the Friends of the Sterling C. Evans Library

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Historic Aggieland

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We want to tell the story of the A&M campus by linking our campus heritage to the present day. Contributing to the preservation of Texas A&M campus history, this project uses cutting-edge geospatial technology to map 100 years of campus buildings and landmarks.

Geospatial technology allows us to utilize our archive of historic aerial photographs, maps, and data to create an interactive map allowing one to travel back in time and link personal memories to a campus location, even if the building is “Gone from Aggieland.” 

Visitors will be able to navigate the interactive map and select points of interest to reveal historic photographs from the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives and facts about the their timeline in history.


Campus information from various years will be added, providing views of campus as it appeared then compared to today’s campus footprint.

Visitors will also be able to “walk” in the path of Aggie traditions such as Bonfire, and view landmarks such as Military Walk as they existed throughout the decades.


We ask for your help in identifying buildings appearing in historical aerial photographs and maps. Please send your comments or suggestions to the project team at


Project Team
Texas A&M University Libraries
Map & GIS Library

Current Project Members: 
Cecilia Smith, Ph.D., Project Management
Sierra Laddusaw, Project Management
David Owen '15, BS, Research and Technical Support   

Previous Project Members:

Miriam Olivares ’02, MSLD, Idea, Technical Design and Project Manager (2010-2014)
Kathy Weimer '87, MLIS, Project Director (2010-2015) 
Naga Raghuveer Modala, MS, Ph.D., Technical Lead for New Interface (2013-2014)
Travis Liska '12, BS, Research (2013-2014) and Technical Support (2013)
Madeline Loving Hall, '13, Research Support (2013)
Katharine Graham ’12, BS, Project Lead (2011-2012)
Aayush Kumar, BS, MIS, Technical Support (2012)
Hyekyung Lee, MS, MSUD Technical Support (2012)
Matthew Green ’12, BS, Research and Technical Support (2012)
Michael Rodriguez, Engineering Student, Research (2012)
Donamian Hankston ‘11, BS, Technical Support (2011)
Subrity Rajbhandari, ’08, MS, Research and Technical Support (2010)

Texas A&M University Libraries
Digital Initiatives

Current Project Members: 
Sean Buchanan ‘08, BS
Doug Hahn, MLS

The following individuals have contributed to the photographic and historic research:

Texas A&M University
Cushing Memorial Library and Archives

Current Project Members:
Bill Page '76
Greg Bailey
Matt Bizzell '14

Previous Project Members:
David Chapman ’67, Ph.D. (retired)
Robin Hutchison '91
Lyndsey Raney ’05, BA
Stephanie Elmquist ’06, BA
Military Walk includes plaques written by David Chapman ’67, illustrated with photos from the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives.

Additional Acknowledgements

Adam Pittman, ’98, BS, Esri, Technical support
James Gough, Esri, Technical support
Derek Law, Esri, Technical support
Robert Scheitlin, Calhoun County, AL, GIS Manager
Jerry Cooper ’66, BA, for the photos of plaques of Military Walk
Adelle Hedleston ’88, BS, Public Relations, Texas A&M University Libraries
Charlene Clark, Marketing and Communications, Texas A&M University Libraries
Patrick Zinn '86, BS, Marketing and Communications, Texas A&M University Libraries

Background Resources:



This mapping service is for historic informational purposes and is based on sources of various quality, therefore validity and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.