Food and Drink

You can bring food and drink in the libraries and study rooms, however, we ask you follow these guidelines:


  • Drinks in covered and durable containers (e.g. plastic mugs, Poor Yorick’s cups, capped bottles).
  • Small snack food items (e.g. chips, energy bars, candy or food items in small containers).

Not Acceptable:

  • Drinks with flimsy or no lids.*
  • Whole meals or food deliveries (e.g. pizza).
  • Messy or strong smelling foods (e.g. pizza, fried foods, pungent dishes, etc.). Strong smelling foods can be a distraction to others in the same way loud talking or music can be a distraction.

If you snack, clean your study space. Report major spills to the Ask Us desk at both Evans and Annex Libraries.

If you find another patron’s food too aromatic or offensive, contact the Ask Us Staff for assistance.

*No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.