Overdue, Damaged, & Lost Materials


Most books do not accrue daily overdue fines and can be renewed; however, high demand items will accrue overdue fines if returned late. While the Medical Sciences Library does not charge fines for overdue materials, accounts with overdue materials are subject to being blocked from library services.

Overdue Fines Summary

High demand item Fine accrual Maximum Fine
Course Reserve Books
(24 hours or less)
$3 per hour $150 maximum
Course Reserve Films & CDs
(24 hr loan period)
$3 per hour $150 maximum
Course Reserves
(multi-day loans)
$3 per day $150 maximum
Equipment (4-hour loan period) $3 per hour $150 maximum
Equipment (3-day loan period) Varies (inquire via AskUs) $150 maximum
Equipment (7-day & 14-day loan period) Varies (inquire via AskUs) $150 maximum
Films & CDs (7-day loan period) $1 per day $35 maximum
Journals & Periodicals $1 per pay $45 maximum
Recalled Items $1 per day $45 maximum
Other Media Equipment Varies (inquire via AskUs) Varies (inquire via AskUs)

For all other inquiries about items not listed above please contact AskUs Services for more information.