Learning and Student Engagement Librarian

Position Description

Assistant Professor
Learning and Student Engagement Librarian
Learning and Outreach Services (L&O)
Dean of Libraries

General Description:

Reporting to the Dean, through the Director of Learning and Outreach (L&O) Services, the Learning and Student Engagement Librarian is part of a team that provides leadership and direction in support of the Texas A&M University Libraries’ instruction and outreach program. The Learning and Student Engagement Librarian will work as a part of a team to provide information literacy activities for a broad audience of students and participate in the unit’s core functions of teaching, learning, outreach, instructional assessment, advocacy, and professional development.

The librarian has particular responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Contributes teaching to a growing library instruction program coordinated through the L&O unit, including course-integrated information literacy instruction. 
  • Works strategically with partners in the Libraries and across campus to plan instructional programming that furthers the educational mission of the Libraries and the university.
  • Measures instructional outcomes, promotes integration of library instruction into the curriculum, and assesses programming in support of student success.
  • Supports the planning and implementation of the unit’s outreach and student engagement activities.
  • Develops and maintains sustainable partnerships with campus organizations geared toward student engagement.
  • Enhances library instruction to meet the needs of the evolving educational landscape, including potential services and resources for distance education students.


General Duties:

  • Instruction: Design, deliver, assess, and promote library instruction and outreach programs to support a comprehensive libraries-wide Information Literacy Program. Works collaboratively with L&O team to deliver undergraduate and graduate library sessions and classes in support of student groups from the community (e.g., middle and high school groups). Build on current skills and knowledge of information literacy theory and practice in order to share with colleagues and enhance the overall quality of the TAMU Libraries’ instruction program. Provides instructional support to subject specialist librarians through team teaching and the development of research guides, web page resources, online tutorials, brochures, etc.
  • Outreach: Participate in outreach activities for a broad range of students through existing programming and new opportunities.  Develop and assess innovative ways to promote the Libraries and its services to students through the use of technology (e.g., web applications, online tutorials, chat, gaming, videos, etc.) and other forms of communication (e.g., brochures, handouts, etc.).
  • Serve on committees or undertake special projects as needed.
  • Participate in scholarly activities and professional service commensurate with TAMU Libraries faculty status requirements.
  • Other duties as assigned.