Research Assistance and Technology

Help is available to you by phone, email, live chat, or in person.  If you have any questions, please contact any of the service desks:

  • Evans Library - (979) 845-3731
  • Medical Sciences Library - (979) 845-7428
  • West Campus Library - (979) 845-2111
  • Policy Sciences & Economics Library - (979) 862-3544

Online Research Help

Ask the Libraries Live Chat with a Librarian.  Available to TAMU students, faculty, and staff.

Regular Semester Hours:

ADA Computer Workstations in the Libraries

Computer workstations, accessible by wheelchairs, are available in each library. They are also equipped with screen reader and magnification software.

For more advanced workstations with adaptive technology, please contact Adaptive Technology Services in the Disability Services Office at (979) 845-0390.

Library Tours and Instruction

Request a tour, a specialized instruction session for a group or class, or a one-on-one instruction session with a subject specialist librarian.

Instruction is available online: Library Tutorials

Contact Learning and Outreach Services at or (979) 862-1060 for more information.

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