Texas A&M Announces New Partnership With Kuali Open Library Environment

By Marketing and Communications | 01-08-2016

An open-source, community directed library management system, Kuali OLE is committed to developing a system that is freely available for implementation by libraries and consortia. OLE supports a wide range of resources and formats of scholarly information and is being built, owned and governed by the academic and research library community.  

“We are excited to join the Kuali Open Library Environment community, a project developed by and for universities,” said Michael Bolton, Assistant Dean of Digital Initiatives with the Texas A&M University Libraries. “This partnership will allow us to help develop software specific to research libraries in an efficient and effective manner.”

The institutions involved in the Kuali OLE community take a structured approach to the development of software meant to replace their existing Library Management Systems. The addition of Texas A&M University Libraries to the Kuali OLE community ensures that they will be at the forefront of early testing and development. It also allows Texas A&M to take a leadership position in determining what issues should be addressed, including integrating library materials with electronic resources.

“As a library system committed to open source applications, OLE was the right choice for Texas A&M’s next Library Management System,” said David Carlson, Dean of University Libraries at Texas A&M. “We are eager to join other research library leaders in order to directly influence the next generation of open access software in this endeavor.”

University of Chicago, Lehigh University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London currently use the Kuali OLE system and Duke University has plans to implement it in July 2016. Texas A&M University Libraries plan to begin implementation in 2017.  



About Texas A&M University Libraries
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About the Kuali Foundation
The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit organization that coordinates the efforts of colleges and universities to develop and sustain administrative software to meet the needs of all sizes of higher education institutions, from small colleges to large research universities. The Kuali Foundation began in 2004 as a cooperative effort among partners and a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop an open-source financial system. Success with the Kuali Financial System led to additional pooled investment projects, including Kuali Coeus for Research Administration, Kuali Student, Kuali Rice, Kuali Open Library Environment, Kuali People Management for the Enterprise, Kuali Mobility Enterprise and Kuali Ready, with coordination by the independent, not-for-profit Kuali Foundation, Inc. The software developed by Kuali projects is available, without fee, for anyone to use or modify under the Educational Community License.

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