Meet Chance Medlin, from Learning and Outreach

By Marketing and Communications | 11-22-2016

Chance is a Program Assistant for Learning and Outreach and has worked for the Libraries for eight years.


Favorite Aggie Tradition:
Saying “Howdy”!

What all do you do for Texas A&M Libraries?

I support the Learning and Outreach Department’s efforts which includes organizing volunteers and swag for outreach events, scheduling workshops and instruction spaces, making presentations to our campus about library services and supervising our student employees. I do my best, and work on both the Faculty Search Committee and the Diversity Advancement Committee to help our Libraries continue to grow.


What is the thing you are most proud of accomplishing?

I would have to say my proudest accomplishments working in the Libraries are the little bits of magic that are sprinkled throughout my time and responsibilities. I think our true magic can be found in the micro-moments where we take things one step further in our efforts to provide outstanding customer service. Whether it is offering an extra smile when someone really needs it, staying late after class to make sure a student gets the help they need, or simply truly being there to listen to someone, we all do amazing work and make a difference in our campus community. Two of my proudest and most humbling moments this year were when I was named a Fish Camp Namesake and a Louise Davis Memorial Staff Award recipient.


What do you wish more at Texas A&M knew about the Libraries, or yourself?

I wish everyone understood that we are here for them, each and every one of them, because all are welcome. The Libraries have a wide variety of spaces, services, and passionate individuals to support our users. We are ready and happy to help!

What do you most enjoy helping students, or faculty, or staff with?

I honestly love helping them find their needles in haystacks, their “buried treasure” if you will. Each and every question we get asked can have its own map to find the answer. Sometimes this involves other languages, sometimes it can be multi-dimensional, often times it can change directions in ways you never imagined! I enjoy acting as their guide and walking them through the sometimes arduous yet exciting journey ahead. Experiencing a user’s reaction when they finally break through the lock on their treasure chest and find what they have been looking for, it is priceless!   

What do you do in your spare time?

I advise the Aggie Book Club, an organization of Aggies who have a shared love of reading.  I also just started working on a Master of Information program at Rutgers University.

If I manage to find myself with any spare time: I love going on ridiculously long walks with friends.  I love doing creative things: photography, drawing, writing, painting, and creating.  I enjoy spoiling my sweet pup, Zoey.  I also really enjoy a good story.  It doesn’t matter if I am reading, hearing, watching, telling, or experiencing them, great stories can be quite transformative.         

What advice would you give a stranger?

Smile and be happy!