Meet Rose Daniel, Library Manager at MSL

By Marketing and Communications | 02-08-2017

Rosita "Rose" Daniel is a Library Manager for Medical Sciences Library and has worked with the Libraries for over 32 years.

Favorite Aggie tradition: Texas A&M Corps of Cadets


What all have you done for the Libraries?

Since I began working in the libraries as a student employee in 1983, I have worked in Microtext, Maps, InterLibrary Loans (ILL), Reference, Catalog Maintenance, Documents, Copy Cataloging, and currently at MSL Client Services…so as Johnny Cash would say, “I’ve been everywhere, man.”

What all do you do currently for Texas A&M Libraries?

Generally, I assist students, faculty, and staff in the use of materials, equipment, and/or services provided by the libraries. I oversee and manage the operation of the Client Services Desk (circulation and basic reference), the Get it For Me (MSL) Service, and Course Reserves of the Medical Sciences Library.  I also supervise and train all client services library staff and student assistants.


What is the thing you are most proud of accomplishing? 

Having a very dependable team…they help make our service legendary!


What do you wish more at Texas A&M knew about the Libraries? 

I think what differentiates Medical Sciences Library from other campus libraries is that we strive to establish a one-on-one relationship with our primary users.  We see many of them every day and we know them by name and they know us by name …we love our Aggie community!


What do you most enjoy helping students, or faculty, or staff with? 

Knowing a user well enough to know what they want before they ask you for it.  I also enjoy getting to know them and having them share news about themselves when they come up to check out a study room or a book.