When Baseball Meets the Law

By Marketing and Communications | 04-17-2017

When Baseball Meets the Law: Stories of the Intersection of America's Two National Pastimes.

When: April 24th, 10:30am

Where: Sterling C. Evans Library Room 204E

Texas A&M University Libraries is proud to host authors Ed Edmonds and Frank Houdek to campus to speak about their book, When Baseball Meets Law: A Chronology of Decisions, Statutes & Other Legal Events. 
This exhaustive chronology traces the effects the law has had on the national pastime, both pro and con, on and off the field, and how baseball and law have intersected since the primordial days with stories that are entertainingly instructive. 

Free and Open to the Public

Cosponsored by Texas A&M University Libraries and Texas A&M University School of Law.