Texas A&M University Libraries Acquires Rare Texas Map

By Marketing and Communications | 04-17-2018

Stephen F. Austin’s Map of Texas has been described as “the first meaningful map of Texas” and represents one of the most important maps of the American West. The map was published in eight editions through 1845 and is the first map of Texas printed in the United States.

“Austin’s Map will take its place as one of the most distinguished and valued items in a collection that is already renowned and distinguished in the quality and depth of its resources reflecting the rich and remarkable history of the State of Texas,” remarked David Carlson, dean of University Libraries.

The map was produced as part of a land grant agreement with the Mexican government but it was also intended to be a showcase for new settlers to Texas. Therefore it was made to be as open and as inviting as possible. It took Austin over five years to compile and draw the map using surveys conducted around the state. The map was the first of Texas to accurately depict the rivers in Texas and also illustrate many of the early Texas settlements including Brazoria, Gonzales, Harrisburg, Matagorda, Victoria and Waco Village.

The Libraries’ acquisition of the Map of Texas is being made possible through the generosity of several donors.  The map will be the centerpiece as part of a future exhibition.

For More Information: Patrick Zinn, Director of Marketing, Texas A&M University Libraries, pzinn@library.tamu.edu or 979.845.4265

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