Public Domain Day

By Marketing and Communications | 01-16-2019


Texas A&M University Libraries Celebrates Public Domain Day 2019

COLLEGE STATION (January 2019)– The Texas A&M University Libraries are celebrating Public Domain Day 2019 by digitizing unique materials from our collections for release to the public on January 1, 2019.  Public Domain Day celebrates all works first published in 1923 from the United States will enter into the public domain.


This Public Domain Day is even more special because it will be the first time in 20 years that published works have shed their copyrights. A work without copyright protection means anyone can copy, share, translate or reinterpret original works without consequence.


Students, faculty, and librarians will now have the opportunity to engage with and use works from 1923, both for research and for teaching. One example of what the Libraries will be releasing Orators and Oratory of Texas by William Vincent Byars, featuring speeches by historical figures in Texas history such as Davy Crockett, Mirabeau B. Lamar, and Stephen F. Austin.  


Other titles that the University Libraries have chosen to share from our collection are:

  • The Romance of Growing: Autobiographical Sketches of His Early Life as a Boy by J.D. Aldredge
  • Atlas of USA Electric Power Industry: Outlining Suggested Regional Electric Power Districts and Proposed Constant-Potential Transmission Systems for the United States of North America
  • Texas Cotton Ginnings in Bales

These titles are digitized and have been placed in the HathiTrust. The Atlas will be available in OAKTrust, the University Libraries’ Institutional Repository, and the Maps & GIS Library Collection, making them readily available to all.


The selected digitized collection from the University Libraries will also go into a newly created database from The Association of Research Libraries. The ARL is creating the database this year for Public Domain Day that will include works from other participating Libraries. The link for the database is here.


One of the Libraries aims is to provide materials to students and researchers at the lowest barrier possible. One of the highest barriers for materials beside copyright is cost. Because of this, the Libraries work with Faculty to create and establish free or low-cost Open Education Resources and these works created in 1923 may now be provided as teaching and research aids to students lowering their costs.


For more information:Emilie Algenio, Copyright/Fair Use Librarian, 979.845.1496 or



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