Open Educational Materials Awards Recognize Texas A&M University Faculty

By Marketing and Communications | 03-06-2019

COLLEGE STATION, TX (Feb. 2019) – The Texas A&M University Libraries has partnered with the Student Government Association (SGA) to recognize faculty members who promote or contribute to a culture of using open access materials. The SGA Open Educator Award and the SGA Open Education Champion Award, established in 2016, honor faculty members who go above and beyond in adopting and demonstrating exemplary use of Open Educational Resources (OERs).

OERs are defined as teaching, learning, and research resources that carry legal permissions for open use. Generally, this permission allows anyone to freely use, adapt, and share the resource. The awards seek to acknowledge faculty who contribute to and promote, a culture of utilizing OERs in order to lessen the financial burden on students, mitigate the overall cost of receiving an education, and champion Texas A&M’s land grant mission of public education.

The SGA Open Education Champion Award recognizes a single faculty member who demonstrates the most compelling and significant positive impact in areas related to OERs or use of Texas A&M’s OAKTrust Institutional Repository. Nominees will be considered based on the quantity, quality, and depth of contributions and their actual or potential impact. Texas A&M faculty members, and currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, are eligible to submit nominations.

The SGA Open Educator Award recognizes individual faculty members who demonstrate exemplary usage of open access materials in their own classrooms. Nominees will be considered based on their overall economic and educational impact as well as the quality of OER usage. Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to nominate faculty members for this award.

All nominations are due on March 27, and the awards ceremony will be held on April 17. More information and instructions on how to submit a nomination can be found by following the link:

For more information contact the SGA Open Educational Awards Committee at


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