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Room Reservations

The Library Commons is used by different groups for different purposes – some studying individually and some working in groups. While it is not a completely quiet area, we ask that you respect others by not making noise or talking loudly. If you need complete quiet, we recommend booking one of our Study Rooms or checking out a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Should you believe others in the Library Commons are being excessively noisy or disruptive then in the first instance please approach and discuss the issue with the other party or parties. If you have already asked someone to be quiet and they continue to be disruptive then this may be a violation of the Student Conduct Code (Section on Disruptive Activity). In such cases you can file a Campus Community Incident Report. If you would like help with this process please ask Library staff for their assistance.

quiet area sign

Copiers and Printers

The Library Commons space provides access to 3 machines for general printing needs in A3 & A4 modes:

  • HP-LIB1 (printing only)
  • HP-LIB2 (printing only)
  • HP-MFP-LIB (printing, copying, scanning)

Library staff can help with ordering paper and more basic functions. 

For more complex questions or any problems please contact TAMUQ I.T. Service Desk:

copiers and printers

Other Amenities

The Library Commons is the space that encircles the Library proper. It is open for 24 hours and 7 days a week year round, has four entries and is bisected by four passageways. It is intended as a communal space for all Library users to use responsibly. The space has the following amenities: 

  • computer work stations 
  • group work tables 
  • library return boxes 
  • reading desks 
  • recharging power points 


 commons desks