Instructor options for Course Reserves system

Once your account has been created and authorized, you will be able to login to the Course Reserves System with your NetID and password and set up your courses. When you first login, this is what you will see.


Instructor Login

  • Switch to Student Mode - Allows an instructor to verify that classes and items appear to their students as intended.
  • Create a New Class
  • View or edit current, previous and future classes.
  • Clicking on a class will show the Class Detail Form and will then display the Instructor Class Tools in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Create Full Proxy Users – This gives access to people like Grad Assistants or department secretaries to create classes and post items for the instructors.
  • Read “My Emails” – emails sent to the user from Course Reserves can be reviewed here.

If an Instructor is concerned about copyright issues, privacy, material sensitivity, etc, the class may be restricted by a password. Instead of (or in addition to) passwords, an instructor may enter a list of Student IDs for a class. When those student users log in, that course will appear automatically on their Main Menu. This list can be edited any time to include access to new students or revoke access to others (after Add/Drop for example).

After the course has been created, this is what you should see:

Instructor After Course is Created

Instructor Class Tools

You can view previous, current, and future classes by clicking “Main Menu” for the current classes. “Previous Classes” are under the Instructor Tools heading. Future or "Upcoming Classes" are also viewed under the Instructor Tools or clicking on the link under the list of Current Classes. The Instructor Class Tools will become visible once a specific class is chosen.

  • Edit Class - Make changes to any details of the class.
  • Cross Listings – if a class is referred to by more than one Course Number, Class Name, Section/Class Number, or is shared between more than one department a user can add cross-listings so their student users will have an easier time finding the class.
  • Delete Class - You will be asked to verify that you want to delete.
  • Clone Class – A class, including its items, can be “copied” from one semester to another by an instructor to save time recreating classes and items that are offered more than once.
  • Class Proxy User – Instructor (and their Full Proxy Users) can add a Class Proxy User who will have the ability to add items to a class. This does require the proxy user to first have set up their own Course Reserves account and the instructor needs to know the username.
  • Authorized Users – Users authorized to access the items in a class can be added or removed.
  • Add Reserve Items – See below.
  • Reserve Item Usage – An instructor/Proxy User can view whether or not the item has been viewed.

Add Reserve Items

Clicking on “Add Reserve Items” will give you the following:

Instructors Add Reserve Items

Each selection will bring up a specific form. All you need to do is fill in the necessary blanks and how the item will be supplied. Please read each form carefully. If something does not seen clear, or if you have specific questions, please contact Media & Reserves @ 845-4833 or email us at