Converting AVI to Flash by Using Stitching

The stitching feature allows you to break a large video file into a series of smaller SWF videos. The stitched file will play back in succession, loading and unloading titles until all of them are played. In viewing a stitched SWF video, you may detect a slight audio glitch between slices of the stitched videos. This is a normal side effect of using stitching. To prevent the audio glitch from appearing too often, use a relatively large video size, say, 1000 Kbytes.


1. Press the FLASH PLAYER icon. A SWF Player Settings box will appear.

2. Under STITCHING, select File Size radio button, enter a numeric number. e.g. 1000 Kbytes.

(Note: 1000 kbytes is just an example. The choice of settings varies from case to case, depending on the target audience and the bandwidth. You may need to experiment the settings to obtain the best results.)

3. Press Squeeze it.