Recording a Movie to DVD Recorder's Hard Drive

Be sure to point the remote at the DVD recorder and NOT at the TV.

1. Plug in Digital Camera. Connection is located on the bottom left panel of the DVD recorder. Open and then plug into DV Input.

2. Press POWER to turn on DVD Recorder, Digital Video Camera and TV(DVD-Recorder takes approximately 20-30 seconds to warm up.)

3. Press HDD on the remote control.

4. Now press the FUNCTIONS button located at the bottom left of the remote (several menus will appear.)

5. Using the large arrow buttons at the bottom of the remote, move the yellow highlighted area to the DV Auto Rec.

6. Once ENTER is selected on the remote, recording will automatically begin. The video camera will start automatically too. Make sure your video is cued to the correct position.

7. Press stop when recording is complete