Recording from CD to CD - All Tracks


1. Locate and turn on the Philips CD Recorder.

2. Locate and turn on the Pioneer stereo receiver. Press the "CD" function key. The display should read "CD".

3. Place blank CD in the left tray which reads "Philips" on it.

note: only CD's with the "compact disc digital audio recordable" logo can be used for recording on this device.

4. Place audio CD in the right tray of Philips CD Recorder which reads "playback".

5. Now press "DUBB" until the display reads "DUBB-1".

6. Everything is ready to start recording.

7. Now press "play" on same side as the "playback" CD tray. Recording starts once you have done this.

8. Press stop whenever you want to stop recording.

note: recording process is still not finished.

9. Once you are satisfied with your recordings, you have to press "Finalize" and then "Record" to finish recording process.