Workshops and Training

We will offer a basic records management workshop in conjunction with A&M Employee and Organizational Development in the General Services Complex. See the training calendar at to sign up for classes. Currently there is not a class scheduled, but check the EOD training calendar.  

The TAMU System has developed an online training program called Retention of State Records (#11015). The class is available through HR Connect on the Training menu. Try it out! Some people with records responsibilities on campus will be required to take this class, but the class is available to anyone. The online training covers the basics of state records laws and the TAMU System regulation for records management. As records manager, I have completed the training necessary to assign persons with records responsibilities to the online class. The second group has been assigned, and I am ready to make assignments for additional groups. I haven't come up with a penalty for not taking the class if you are lucky enough to be among those selected, but it may be that I will come to your office for a personal training session! So take that online class!

Employee & Organizational Development has developed two new online classes available through TrainTraq. They are File Management (#2111142) and Fundamentals of Managing Departmental Records (#2111143). These basic classes are designed to help university employees meet the core competencies.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission now offers an online class called State Records Retention Basics. Registration is required, but the class is free. Go to their web page at This basic class briefly covers state requirements for records programs in state agencies, retention schedules, microfilming, and electronic records.

We will continue to offer individualized, small group, and departmental training. We can customize a workshop to answer your specific questions and address your records management needs. Possible topics include records management basics, using the campus records center, using the retention schedule, new employee training, new records coordinator training, setting up a filing system, and managing paper and electronic records. Please contact us to arrange to come to the Records Center or for us to visit your department. To schedule individual or group training please call the Records Center at 979-458-1470 or email us at