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Data Management Plans

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document that describes the data generated during a research project. A DMP also details all aspects of data management that will take place during the integrated research data lifecycle when data are being collected, organized, documented, stored, shared, and preserved.

Getting Started with DMP Guide

  1. DMP Guide - provides an overview of what is a DMP, key elements of a DMP, funder agencies' guidelines, and best practices for DMPs.
  2. DMP Questionnaire- includes specific questions to consider when establishing data management procedures for your research project. The questions address the five core components required by most funding agencies.

Using DMPTool to Develop your DMP

The DMPTool is an online platform guiding DMP development according to the requirements of specific funding agencies. Texas A&M University researchers log in with their NetID and passwords.

DMPTool Instructions - show you how to create a data management plan through DMPTool step by step.

DMP Consultation

RDMS can help prepare data management plans (DMPs) for different grant opportunities. We offer consultation both in-person and via email to prepare the DMP and enhance the access and discovery of your data.

Helpful tip 1: If You have a draft DMP, please attach a copy of the draft or include a google doc link in your request.

Helpful tip 2: Please also link to the requirements of the funder to which you are applying so that we can verify the required elements of the DMP.

Meet With us - Request an in-person or virtual DMP consultation